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Low Voltage Submersible DC Water Heater Element 12 volt

Low voltage submersible water heater element 6 inch 12 volt. The element is low voltage and plated for a long lifetime of use. Available in 25 watt,100 watt, 200 watt, or 600 watt.

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* Livestock water tank deicer (low amp draw means you won't drain your battery as fast)

* For keeping dog, cat, and other domestic animals water from freezing

* Standard American water heater element replacement

* Water preheating

* Campers, Motor homes

* Emergency hot water

* Portable commercial, industrial machines and equipment

* Runs off your car battery for portable hot water anywhere

* Direct wind and solar applications

* and many, many more uses where heat or diversion loads are needed

You can use a simple 12 to 14 awg two or three prong standard ac cord to hook up the unit direct to your battery, solar panel, or other low wattage power source or generator. Hook several units together in parallel to increase the wattage.

The heater is safe for people and pets because of the low voltage. Low voltage has no effect on the body unlike higher voltage ac units that short out and electrocution can occur.

Remember NEVER to heat your animals water with a high voltage 110 Volt heaters as this practice regularly kills an estimated 20,000 animals annually once the high voltage heater gets a crack in the electrical insulation material! Great for dogs, cats, horses, cattle, etc.

WARNING: If you run ANY of these elements dry and without water the heating element will burn out!!!!!! You MUST always have them submerged in water at ALL times when they are powered up!




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